My name is Kat Strong! I know what you're thinking... and the answer is, Yes, my last name is really "Strong" and, No, I didn't make it up. I just happened to marry into a family with the perfect last name for a personal trainer! 

I've been training for about 7 years. Originally, I trained in corporate gyms which gave me experience with a huge variety of clientele but, eventually, I needed to venture out on my own. In 2013, I decided to start my own mobile training business. I worked in parks, rented space in local gyms, and became the Fitness Coordinator for the Aquarium of The Pacific. All of these locations offered different amenities and challenges which broadened my training capabilities. 

Finally, in September 2017, my husband and I opened the ONCORE Fitness Studio. What a dream come true! I am now able to combine the years of experience that I've gained in multiple facilities and working with a wide range of clientele to capture what I think personal training should be.... a community of people caring for themselves by practicing preventative care, mobilizations, and strength training! 

At ONCORE Fitness, movement is medicine. Whether you have an injury or ailment or you're completely healthy, movement is the answer! I train with a preventative approach, meaning we need to organize your mechanics before we can strengthen your muscles. If a joint isn't functioning properly, it makes no sense to perform weight bearing exercises because that will only exacerbate the problems. Instead, we take a step back to mobilize and treat so that when we do perform weight bearing exercises, the body responds well and you become a healthier version of you! Come find your best self at 3734 Long Beach Blvd. I can't wait to meet you! 


3734 Long Beach Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90807